Friday, February 17, 2012

Combat Arms Review

 Many of you may have been heard about Combat Arms, The FPS made by Nixon. This games teleports you into real war zones with 20+ Fascinating maps. With these Juicy maps you can play up to 8 different game types. The graphics of this game is great, like Halo and COD (Call Of Duty).
With up to 150+ weapons you have the biggest variety of weapons of any free Fps s out there. Among all those weapons you can forge new ones, customize rusty ones and change the engine of new forged guns. This game is a very fast pace game meaningless downtime and more up time. The re spawn time is 3 seconds which is so unimaginably small.

Combat arms also have a type of in game money made for the people who have the money to buy power. With this cash you can buy new characters with special equipment that you can use these are called specs. Specs can use air bombs and mini guns imagine verging a gun that shoot 500 rounds within a second. Nixon has made the cash fair by not having one gun that pawns everyone else’s gun.
Unfortunately this game has a crap hack detector. This game has many hackers all over the servers. Unfortunately the only way to kick someone without Nixon cash is vote kick. This vote kick system is terrible!
In the end this game is free and will stay that way. This game has loads of content and is updated constantly. This game outweighs its bad points and I give it 8.5 out of 10.This game is the best alternative to any paid FPS game and even might be better in my opinion.

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